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1. What are your responsibilities when employing workers?
As an employer, your legal responsibilities to your workers are defined by law and you must be aware of them. They include
the following:

All of these aspects can be recorded in a written document called contract and filed with the Labour Department and
the Social Security Office. When you are legally required to have a written employment contract, it is good to know what
information you need to agree upon. Your country’s labour regulations may also require you, as an employer, to register
this document with the Labour Inspectorate or to register your workers with the relevant social security institution.
If you have an employment relationship with your workers, for example by establishing a written contract, this gives them
some job security. This helps workers organize, makes them “visible” and can help them access government services (such
as social security) and official institutions (such as banks). When you comply with safety and health regulations, you protect
your workers from occupational hazards and risks.

t is also important to know whether the regulations set certain minimum requirements for micro- and small businesses. This
means that you do not have to comply with the same regulations that apply to large businesses.
2. Labour inspections
Labour inspections are conducted by the labour authorities. They ensure that employers comply with the rules established
by labour law. Inspections consist of announced or unannounced visits to your workplace by an official labour inspector.
You need to know what is being looked into during the labour inspection process so that you can be prepared in advance
of an inspection.


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