How to straighten coiled tubing, Silicone Hoses Blog, Silicone Tubes

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How to straighten coiled tubing, Silicone Hoses Blog, Silicone Tubes

Silicone Tubing (Non-sterile) - .76 x 1.65mm (id, od). 50 ft. coil., N5941 4A

Pre-cut flexible silicone tubing. High quality, flexible silicone compound in compliance with FDA and 3A Sanitary Standards. USDA approved for meat and poultry plants. This extremely flexible, food grade silicone is suited for general low pressure industrial applications for the conveyance of chemicals, liquids, gases, and solids of suitable granular size, such as factory air lines automation machinery and pneumatic lines.

Feelers 6mm ID x 10mm OD High-Strength Silicone Tubing Thick Food Grade High Temp Pure Silicon Tube High Temp Home Brewing Winemaking Silicone Hose

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Silicone Vacuum Hose 7mm X 3 m Blue

Application:, Radiator / Coolant / Water / Air, Reinforcement:, Polyester Yarn, Temperature:, -60°C to +180°C, Standard:, SAEJ20, DOWNLOAD

Silicone Straight Hose Continuous Coils - Max 20m

Silicone Tubing with 2 Couplings for Dominant Flex

Constructed with food grade rubber, safe and non-toxic. Aging resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance and no odor. Resistant to tear and stretch without deformation. Environmentally friendly and high transparency.Parameters: 3mm ID x 5mm OD, 1m long. Working temperature: -60° c-200 °C.

3mm ID x 5mm OD 1m Heat-Resistant Peristaltic Pump Silicone Rubber Tubing Hose 2818475

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